Industrial Services

At E&J Power Washing Services we pride ourselves on being a reliable fleet washing service that consistently performs a quality job in a presentable fashion to benefit the distinguished name of your company.   


Our cleaning process uses a hot water pressure washer, biodegradable cleaners that will not harm your property or the environment and soft bristled brushes. This process removes dirty road film, grease, salt and exhaust soot from your transport system. Our fleet washing service includes the cleaning of all painted surfaces, bumpers, wheels, rims, exterior frame, landing gear, air deflector, windows, mirrors, gas tanks, and grills.


       power washing tractor trailers                      power washing vans


E&J Power Washing Services offers tractor trailer fleet washing, pups, 48’, and 53’ trailer washing, auto, truck, and van fleet washing.


Please call us at (919) 816-6964 for a free estimate, more information about our fleet washing services, or simply click the Contact Us link and complete the Request Form and a representative will contact you.